by Tom Bender

Untitled-1September 15, 2003 email to Alder Creek Farm friends:

Now that it’s slowed down enough we can breathe on occasion, it’s time to do some things long postponed.

One for me is doing a blessing/cleansing/gratitude ceremony at Alder Creek Farm.  I had a strong urge to do it as soon as we took possession, but then the cows weren’t off. When that finally happened, we were in the middle of getting the trash cleaned out, then an open house, then it was summer.

Two spirits from the Nehalem tribe came to me during a massage session with Dana Zia.  They have been holding the place and its energy for a long time. This is a special place, and one whose energy needs to be released, purified, and renewed.

It is time to thank the Nehalems, and the cows, and the earth, and the stars; to release the energies and spirits from recent use still hovering around, and to welcome in energy to bless, direct, and energize the future.

So join us, about 6:30am – shortly before sunrise, at Alder Creek Farm on Tuesday morning, Sept. 23.  The 23rd is Equinox – time of changing balance.  If we’re not near the barns, we will be down near the ford. Please fast.

Blessings, Tom Bender


Wow . . .I’ll never forget that night, before the sunrise!

Awe . . . sleeping among the herd of elk, them singing to each other with amazing sounds resonating from their skulls. The spirits of the place were clearly speaking to our hearts and souls.

Fear/anger . . . up on 13th Street at the meth house, hunters with spotlights and guns, looking down for the elk, ready to shoot. Us shining flashlights back up to let them know we were there.

Later, during REAL hunting season, hunters trying to stampede the elk out of the farm so they could shoot them. OK, lesson #87: There’s importance in having “oversight” at a place like this. Which led later to Judy’s purchase of the Redwing House up on 13th Street where she and Vivi and others could “keep an eye” on the place.




About lanedemoll

I was one of the Founding Board members of the Lower Nehalem Community Trust, 2002-2005.
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